Human Resources

We collaborate in HR management in a personalized way attending to different aspects of the organizational structure and team members situations.

Together with our clients, we seek answers to the major questions in human resources management: How to select the right people?, how to motivate them?, how to keep good employees?, how to engage them?.




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Our services include:


Our recruitment solutions ensure the cultural and technical fit that is required accompanying from the hunting process to onboarding.

Our methodology focuses on knowing the industry, the competition and the organizational structure, as well as the work culture of each client.

During the process, we seek to understand each of the items and requirements that we will evaluate in the search process. We are interested in knowing the company, the team and the challenges that the candidate will have to go through when occupying the position. We are partners of each company.

In addition, we also evaluate the soft skills necessary for each vacancy. We put a lot of focus on the knowledge of the candidate, their interests and career development. We seek that each person find a job with a real purpose, and that fosters his or her passion for work.

We apply the agile meeting selection methodology that includes the following steps:

  • We establish a strategy and attraction dynamics
  • We publish and hunt candidates.
  • We interview by skills.
  • We evaluate required skills.
  • We review the strategy and give feedback.
  • We provide the necessary advice to put together the communication of the company's value proposition.

The Assessment center is a situational assessment method. It consists of a set of tests that aim to assess the candidate's behavioral skills in a situation that simulates as closely as possible the tasks or situations that the candidate may encounter in the company.

Our Assessment proposal consists of managing group or individual dynamics for your company's staff; that will allow the detection of competencies and potential of each professional, essential for making decisions on professional development and organizational structure. Through this practice, we seek to accompany the development of human capital of each company that trusts us.

Loan Staff

We can offer resources that, under your supervision or ours, collaborate in those topics or projects for which you do not have enough personnel.

We can offer you service in sectors:

  • Administrative.
  • Accountant.
  • Financial.
  • Internal Audit.
  • Taxes.
  • Labor.
  • HR.

Starting from leadership management, we accompany companies in:

  • Administrative.
  • Organizational Change Management.
  • Culture.
  • Leadership.
  • Managerial Transition.
  • Maturity Diagnosis for Human Resources processes.
  • Human Resources Strategy and Model.